Tiffany Zarcone, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy in Clifton, NJ

Tiffany Zarcone, PT, DPT

Tiffany Zarcone, PT, DPT, is a doctor of physical therapy and the clinical director at Clifton Physical Therapy. 

Tiffany graduated from Columbia University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and specializes in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation and sports training.

She captained the varsity soccer team at Middlebury College when completing her undergraduate degree. One of her passions is working with pregnant and postpartum women to help alleviate low back pain, sciatica, and all of the symptoms that come along with childbirth.

She performed research which was presented at the National Physical Therapy Conference in Las Vegas on pregnancy-related low back pain. She has also worked with children from birth to adolescence, treating various pediatric physical therapy ailments.

In her free time, Tiffany loves getting outdoors, either by running with her dog, hiking, or playing soccer.

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